Looking for a Minneapolis piano tuner? Or do you need a St. Paul piano technician? Does your piano sound like it’s seen better days? Does it need some repair work? Want some advice on buying or selling your piano? Need a qualified PianoDisc technician? Need someone to assess the value or condition of your piano? Need a piano tuning? Call us. We’re here.

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Here’s what we offer:


Your piano needs tuning, just as a car requires regular servicing. We recommend having your piano tuned every 6 months – this s will help keep the piano sounding good, help beat the humidity changes that can be so damaging to your piano and keep the piano in good working order. A piano that is tuned regularly will give you much better service than one that is left untuned. This is even more important in newer pianos as they take a while to settle – Minnesota is very hard on pianos so why not give yours a twice yearly pick me up?


Your piano doesn’t have to sound like it does. Hammers can get hard over time, causing a very bright sound that is overwhelming and unpleasant to listen to. Call us and we’ll mellow your piano. Does your piano need to be heard over the choir? We can make it brighter. Call us for a quote!

Humidity systems

We install the Life Saver humidity systems, made exclusively for pianos. They are both de-humidifiers to ease the humidity in the summer and also humidifiers to push some moisture back into the air when it gets very dry in the winter – EVERY piano can benefit from this amazing system – call us today for a quote!


Sometimes pianos develop issues – hammers may fall off, keys may stick, notes stop working – we can take care of all those annoying issues! Call us today.RegulationRegulation means getting your piano into shape so it can play like the day it was born! Over time, felts and wood can change shape and the critical measurements on the piano can prevent fast and sensitive play – but the good news is that your piano just needs some loving care to bring it back to life. Call us. We’re here.

Appraisal / insurance

Do you have a piano that you want valued? We can do that – we perform a full written appraisal with a market valuation, that is perfect for tax preparation purposes and also to give you an idea of whether to sell or gift. Call us.


There are 3 registered qualified PianoDisc technicians in Minnesota. We are one of them. Call us today for any questions about your PianoDisc unit – or to find out how you can upgrade your system!